Basic Computer Skills One-on-One Tutoring

Do you want to learn how to surf the web, or use it more efficiently? How to add an attachment to an email? How to use Microsoft Word? How to protect your privacy online?

You can sign up for one-on-one tutoring with Patrick, our Technology Librarian, to learn basic technology skills. These meetings are perfect for people who are new to computers and the internet, or would like to become more comfortable using information technology. We book in thirty minute slots, by appointment only.

Here are some topics we can cover with you:

  • Downloading library ebooks or audiobooks onto your computer or portable device
  • Using Libby and OverDrive
  • Searching the library catalog
  • Use the library's free resource databases
  • Windows 7, 8
 or 10 Basics (please inquire about any specific programs)
  • Mac (Apple)
 Basics (please inquire about any specific programs)
  • iPad or iPhone
  • Kindle or Nook eReaders
  • Microsoft Office Basics (Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint)
  • Email (phone number required to create email account)
  • USB Flash Drives to save personal files
  • Google Drive
  • Facetime or Skype for video chatting
  • Spotify or Pandora for listening to music
  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn
  • Internet safety and privacy
  • Evaluating news-sources

These sessions last for 30-minutes, so please come prepared with any accounts (emails or login information) and their corresponding passwords.


  • Please have a clear goal of what you would like to learn.
 Bring a list of questions if this helps you.
  • Please bring with all the necessary passwords needed to access your device or accounts.
  • Be sure to bring any device with which you need help.
  • We are unable to troubleshoot or fix malfunctioning devices, replace physical parts on devices, or participate in credit card transactions.

Sign up by calling us at 1-401-625-6796, or by using our online booking platform below.