Book Talk: Healthcare Revolt with Dr. Michael Fine

Monday, March 2nd, 6:30 – 7:30pm, Community Room

Michael Fine, MD, will be here to discuss his book, Health Care Revolt: How to Organize, Build a Health Care System, and Resuscitate Democracy—All at the Same Time. The United States does not have a health system. Instead, we have a market for health-related goods and services, a market in which the few profit from the public’s ill-health. Health Care Revolt looks around the world for examples of health care systems that are effective and affordable, pictures such a system for the United States, and creates a practical playbook for a political revolution in health care that will allow the nation to protect health while strengthening democracy.

Dr. Fine is a writer, community organizer, and family physician. He is the chief health strategist for the City of Central Falls, RI, Senior Clinical and Population Health Services Officer for Blackstone Valley Community Health Care, Inc., and recipient of many awards and prizes for his pioneering work bringing together public health and primary medical care. He was director of the Rhode Island Department of Health from 2011 to 2015.