Building Bridges: A series of community conversations

Together with the Amicable Congregational Church, the library will host four conversations to bring people together to talk to one another around topics that divide our community. The goal of these conversations is not to change minds or to convince someone else of ones “rightness”, rather to break down walls of division and see humanity in one another. To build bridges of understanding.

Join us at the library on Tuesday evenings in October to discuss Health Care, the Second Amendment, Environmental Issues, and Budgetary Issues. Each week will involve local special guests from across the spectrum to help lead the conversation around these topics.

October 2, 7:00pm — Is health care a right or a privilege?

October 9, 7:00pm — Do guns make us safer or more fearful?

October 16, 7:00pm — Can a thriving economy co-exist with livable planet?

October 23, 7:00pm — Can we meet community needs with fiscal responsibility?

No registration necessary. All are welcome and encouraged to join in these conversations.