Creating Your Book For Children: Shape It, Submit It, See It In Print

Think you’ve got a great idea for a children’s book but not sure how to go about writing it and getting it published? Children’s book author Peter Mandel will share the ins and outs of the world of children’s book writing at a workshop on Monday, September 18 at Tiverton Public Library.

Having a children’s book published in today’s tough market can seem like an impossible dream. But, in reality, getting your book idea into shape and into print can hinge on just the right advice from a pro. Do you need an agent? Should you connect with an artist? What about self-publishing? In an exclusive one-session workshop, nationally-known children’s author Peter Mandel will pass on the info you need to know in order to create a marketable first book and get it into the hands of exactly the right gatekeepers in the publishing world.

A resident of Providence, he is the author of nine children’s books published by some of the top names in publishing including HarperCollins, Penguin, Scholastic, Henry Holt, and Hyperion. Over the past several years he’s shared his insider knowledge about the children’s book industry in similar workshops.

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The program is free and open to the public. Registration is recommended at 401-625-6796.