Ditch Your Electronic e-Waste with Indie Cycle!

Saturday, December 14th, 10am-1pm, Library Parking Lot

Safely & securely dispose of all your used, broken, or unwanted electronics at the Tiverton Public Library! Indie Cycle will be parked outside the library on Saturday, December 14th, from 10am-1pm to help you responsibly recycle your electronic waste. Just in time for the holidays!

Items accepted at NO charge: Computers, laptops, monitors, routers, PDA’s, cell phones, mice, keyboards, ink-jet printers, toner cartridges, CD/DVD players, radios, televisions, network equipment, wires, stereos, speakers, telephones, cameras, microwaves, small household appliances, and acid lead batteries including auto/marine and battery back-ups. Anything with a wire!

A $10 disposal fee is charged for each laser-jet printer, air conditioner, dehumidifier, and other coolant containing devices.

Not accepted: Light bulbs, single-use batteries, tapes/disks, glass, Styrofoam, broken TV tubes or any hazardous materials.

Indie Cycle, LLC, has a zero landfill policy and does not remarket any hard drives or data storage devices.

Visit their website at www.indiecycle.com for more information.