Program – Flickers’ Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Film Shorts Showing

Wednesday, October 18
6 PM – 8 PM

A phantasmagoric symphony of international films blasts its way across the big screen as the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) launches its 18th Annual Flickers’ Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Film Festival, October 16-22nd. In addition to its traditional spooky film fare “Vortex” will showcase a wide-array of Sci-Fi and Fantasy cinema. This year’s short-film winners will be shown at the Tiverton Public Library, Wednesday evening, 10/18/17. Free and open to the public. The title of the program is Corriders of Imagination and the films being shown are:

Faith | Tatiana Fedorovskaya, Director | 15 min. | Russia, 2017. An old widower, a former radio operator, perceives the flashing bulb as his late wife’s messages. The love of his life will never die, even when the lights are gone.

La Petite Mort | Elizabeth Jaeleigh Davis, Director | 8 min. | USA, 2017. SEX! DEATH! PIE! A young girl enters a mysterious forest to lose her virginity, only to have a twist of fate wrench her lover away. ‘La Petite Mort’ (French for ‘the orgasm’) is a feminist exploitation film couched in a fairytale that explores the fear, grief, and messiness of the first time.

The Full Story | Daisy Jacobs, Director | 8 min. | United Kingdom, 2017. Toby is selling his childhood home. Walking through empty rooms, he is assailed by memories of happiness unravelling, break-down, and the helplessness and rage of being child. Why do close ties break and loved ones leave? Can we ever know the full story? And what do you do when your family’s gone?

Child Dream | Christophe Gérard, Director | 11 min. | France, 2016. Floating barges, water that suddenly takes human form and rainfall that leaves puddles deep enough to drown in… Is this merely a child’s dream ?

Mainland | Ian Bibby, Director | 20 min. | USA, 2017. Chris–a spirited but aimless young man in his early 20’s–has left the confines of the city to spend the winter alone on a secluded island in Maine. Instead of being productive with his time off the grid, Chris prefers to goof around outdoors and do whatever he pleases–anything that will allow him to sidestep his thoughts of looming adulthood. But as the outside world begins to unravel into a confusing and seemingly dangerous chaos, his haven begins to feel anything but safe. Chris must quickly discover the inner strength to face an outside world growing darker by the day, or risk becoming consumed by the very real threats closing in all around him.

The Night I Dance With Death | Vincent Gibaud, Director | 6 min. | France, 2017. Jack is having a party with some friends. Disused, he decides to take a psychedelic drug.With a lighter mind, he enjoys the moment, his belly rejecting his visceral anguish as theevening progress. Arrives the time when he confronts a too big anxiety of which he cannotget rid of.

The Secret Market | Martina McGlynn, Director | 21 min. | Ireland, 2017. Dr. Amy McCarthy has risen through the medical ranks to become chief surgeon. She has a near perfect life until her past comes back to haunt her.

When Pigs Fly | Andrew Wood, Director | 16 min. | USA, 2017. Sometimes, all you need to comfort a nine-year-old is a cold beer, a couple f-bombs, and a little magic.


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