CANCELED – Getting the Garden Ready with URI Master Gardeners

Saturday, April 11th, 1-4pm, Community Room

Planting season is just around the corner! Volunteers from the URI Master Gardener Program will be here from 1 to 4pm to answer your gardening questions and conduct free soil testing. These tests will help determine your soil’s pH level and predominant texture, while also providing recommendations for gradual correction of your soil problems. Free seeds will also be available! If you would like your soil tested: + Please bring in soil samples (limit of 3 at a time) taken 4-5″ deep from various parts of your garden bed or lawn. You will want to collect the samples of soil at the plant or lawn root zone (around 6″ deep). + You should be gathering about a 1/2 cup amount from several sites within the same area to be tested. Mix them together and allow the soil to dry overnight on newspaper. + Place 1 cup of the dried mix in a paper bag or clean container and label it. + Collect separate samples from different areas on your property, such as vegetable gardens, lawns, and flower gardens.