Inebri-Art Q&A and Live Podcast

Saturday, October 12th, 12-2pm in the Community Room


Inebri-Art was born on a bar stool in Plymouth, MA, back in 2011, when three friends decided to meet once a week to draw and have a few drinks. Fast forward 8 years, and it has become a multifaceted visual and performing arts promoting machine. One of the most well-known branches of Inebri-Art is its Podcast network. Starting off with a simple show uploaded twice a month, within a year there where 4 shows uploading 10+ episodes a month. Three and a half years later their show is now heard all over the world and in almost every state in the USA. Join Andy (host and producer and one of the founders of Inebri-Art) for a brief history of Inebri-Art, an audience Q&A answering all your podcast questions, and a live recording of the Inebri-Art show.