Memories of Belcourt Castle with Harle Tinney

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Monday, February 12 at 6:30 PM

Many people know her name, because Harle Tinney was for several decades known for Belcourt Castle, a famous Newport mansion, where she and her spouse the late Donald Tinney were the beloved hosts of glamorous parties, Hollywood movies, historical reenactments – and art, architecture, and ghost tours. Donald Tinney passed away tragically and suddenly a decade ago, and now Mrs. Tinney has emerged, into the public light, to share her stories.

Mrs. Tinney, former Belcourt Castle owner is a warmhearted, entertaining, and erudite lecturer. She gives lively presentations filled with beautiful images: tales of the glitterati, ghosts, and general life among the wealthy. She talks of Newport stories, and of mansions, existing and the torn-down, and the extraordinary people who inhabited them. One of her special areas of knowledge is of the oft-neglected history of the city during the mid-Twentieth Century. She is about to publish her long-awaited autobiography, which includes her fifty plus years of both a fairy tale life and a tragic one spent at the Bellevue Avenue mansion, and soon a short film based on her early life at the Castle will be released.

Program duration: 60-75 minutes. Free and open to the public. Please call the library to register at 401-625-6796.