Monthly Poetry Workshop

Monday, March 4th, 6:30-7:30pm, Learning Center

We are delighted to have David Dragone continue his Poetry Workshop series with us. In this monthly poetry workshop, you’ll learn:

  •  Ways to increase your chances of getting published
  • Methods to develop your poetry’s power
  • Various poetic forms and how to approach them
  • How to approach working on a poem
  • Where and how to get ideas for poems
  • When and how to use the internet when writing poetry
  • How to prepare a poetry manuscript to submit to literary journals
  • What literary journal editors like and don’t like to see in submissions
  • Which literary journals are the most open to new poets
  • How to know when your poem is “finished”
  • Best practices when reading, performing, or recording a poem

In between sessions, participants will work on their poem/s and have the option of receiving e-mailed, detailed feedback on their “works in progress.” Space is limited; please click below to reserve your spot.