Total Healing: The Meditation Prescription

Wednesday, December 8th 2021, 6:30-7:30pm, Community Room


What can meditation do for you? It can help you deal with the stress in your life. It can boost your immune system and help you with your physical and emotional problems.

In this presentation, Dr. Alan Post, chiropractic physician, long time meditator, and contributing author to ‘Meditation as Medication for the Soul’ by Rajinder Singh, will present the latest medical and scientific data regarding meditation and the prevention and treatment of many disease states. These include high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and chronic pain. He will talk about the enormous body of research on meditation as the antidote to stress.

Dr. Post will also explain how and why meditation helps you connect to the source of all healing and show you how you can use meditation to access your own healing power.

Alan R. Post, D.C., graduated with honors from Logan College of Chiropractic, holds a BS in human biology, a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine, and a post-graduate certification in acupuncture. He is a past president of state and regional chiropractic associations, has served on university advisory boards, has consulted on Integrative Medicine programs, and has traveled in physician delegations to other countries. Dr. Post has been meditating since 1976 and is a contributing author of the 2012 landmark collaborative book entitled: ‘Meditation as Medication for the Soul.’