Library Director

General Statement of Responsibility:

The Director provides leadership responsible for the administration and operations of the Tiverton Public Library and Union Public Library that makes up the Tiverton Library Services. With a high level of independent responsibility and accountability, the Director plans, organizes and manages all aspects of municipal library services in conformity with the policies established by the Library Board of Trustees, the professional standards of the Rhode Office of Library & Information Services, the by-laws of the municipality and the laws of Rhode Island governing library services. The Director must be able to establish effective relationships with employees, Board members and the community. The position is accountable to the Board of Trustees.

Primary Responsibilities:

I. Library Services

  1. Oversees the daily operations of the library to ensure the highest quality services, supports the mission of TLS and reflects the needs of the community and staff.
    1. Plans, coordinates, and evaluates library operations and functions to ensure accuracy, efficiency and quality.
    2. Supervises library staff and provides opportunities for their participation in the decision-making process regarding library services.
    3. Provides supervision and delegates responsibilities to library staff.
    4. Develops and administers procedures concerning library operations, budget and programs.
    5. Supervises the purchase, utilization and maintenance of technology to deliver, monitor and enhance library services for staff as well as the public.
    6. Oversees the selection, purchase and weeding of library materials in all formats according to policy that will fit within the constraints of the physical plant addressing the needs and interests of the community while keeping within the financial constraints of the budget.
    7. Approves all programs and library related activities.
    8. Evaluates, develops and delegates library-marketing promotions in conjunction with the Public Relations Committee.
    9. Develops implements and evaluates long and short-term goals and objectives in conjunction with the Planning Committee.
    10. Handles complaints in accordance with policy.
    11. Cooperates with and implements the directives of the Board of Trustees within a cordial working relationship.

II. Personnel Management

  1. Participates in the formulation of and then administers a comprehensive personnel plan for effective utilization of the staff in the delivery of library services.
    1. Recruits, selects, transfers and promotes, retains and/or terminates library personnel. Performs disciplinary action as necessary. Informs the board of all appointments and dismissals.
    2. Interacts with staff in a courteous & professional manner and effectively deals with all staff complaints & disturbances.
    3. Recommends promotions and pay increases to the personnel committee who then makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.
    4. Prepares work assignments and schedules in cooperation with immediate supervisors.
    5. Develops orientation programs, in-service training and continuing education opportunities for personnel at all levels.
    6. Encourages staff development by providing opportunity for staff to attend job related workshops, conferences and relevant professional literature.
    7. Reviews performance evaluations with all staff members prepared in cooperation with their immediate supervisor and discusses with the Personnel Committee of a member thereof, the director’s recommendation to then be presented to the Board of Trustees for final approval.
  2. Manages staff and coordinates staff schedules and functions in accordance with established philosophy of library service.
    1. Administers personnel polices and wage and classification plan in conjunction with the Personnel Committee.
    2. Directly supervises and evaluates all library personnel, once annually.
    3. Provides leadership in establishing effective working relationships and communications, ensuring high productivity and quality public service: encourage initiative and creativity.
    4. Holds staff meetings regularly to maintain good communications.
    5. Keeps the Chairperson of the Personnel Committee informed of all personnel issues, changes etc.

III. Fiscal Management

  1. Prepares, defends, directs and administers the fiscal budget based on goals established in conjunction with the Trustees.
    1. With the Board of Trustees Budget Committee, assists in preparing a detailed budget for the entire Board’s approval.
    2. In conjunction with the Board of Trustees, the library director defends the budget before the Town of Tiverton’s Budget Committee and Town Council.
    3. Responsible for the library’s expenditures and appropriated funds adhering to the approved budget.
    4. Prepares payroll and forwards to Treasurer for approval
    5. Maintains personnel records
    6. Oversees all purchases, preparation of invoices for payment for Board approval. Preparation of control sheet for finance office.
    7. Works with Treasurer bi-monthly to sign off on payroll and bills for payment and to review monthly financial reports to keep abreast of budget and various accounts.
    8. Oversees preparation of monthly summaries of the library budget expenditures.
    9. Accepts and acknowledges gift monies and materials.
    10. Seeks and prepares grant proposals to state agencies, foundations and other organizations to fund new or supplemental programs or needed services.
    11. Administers grants according to specific guidelines.
    12. Oversees researching and  evaluation of cooperative purchasing opportunities with other municipal departments and other libraries, utilizing resources to maximize the effectiveness of allocated fiscal budget.

IV. Property Management

  1. Manages the physical plant to ensure proper maintenance and utilization of the library as a municipal asset.
    1. Schedules and supervises contract services, maintenance and repair personnel.
    2. Analyzes buildings and grounds needs. Recommends improvements, repairs or additions, as necessary, to responsible authority.
    3. Responds to building emergencies & takes appropriate actions.
  2. Ensures a safe, clean and inviting library for staff and public of all ages within the building and on the grounds.
  3. Ensures servicing of all library equipment (e.g. computers, heating and cooling systems, safety equipment and alarms) to maintain proper working order.
  4. Prepares specifications for competitive bidding when necessary and selects vendors in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, choosing based on quality of service, cost and speed of response.
  5. Negotiates service contracts that protect the library’s interests.

V. Board/Director Relationship 

  1. Reports to the Board of Trustees.
    1. Attends all Board Meetings, reports at each meeting, keeping Board informed of library’s progress and problems.
    2. Implements policies approved by the Board.
    3. Evaluates library operations and summarizes service developments monthly to provide Trustees with the information necessary for sound decision-making.
    4. Submits recommendations on library policies, services and budget to the Board for approval.
    5. Presents statistical information and other reports to the Board.
    6. Reports on current library trends as they may relate to local library services and operations.

VI. Planning and Policy Making

  1. Conducts an on-going planning process which assesses community needs and implements library service programs to meet the most efficient and effective way.
    1. Recommends library improvements according to the library’s mission and develops long-range goals and objectives with the Board of Trustees.
    2. Evaluates program of service and works with the Board of Trustees to make changes as necessary.
    3. Initiates, and oversees all programs at Tiverton Public and Union Libraries in anticipation and/or in response to community needs.
    4. Evaluates and develops programs in the library profession and other fields as they relate to library functions for applicability for local needs.
  2. In conjunction with the Board of Trustees, formulates policies governing the library, and recommends them for Trustee approval.

VII. Public Relations

  1. Alone or with the staff, establishes and conducts comprehensive public relation programs that engender good will and promote the library and its service to the community.
    1. Employs appropriate means of communications: brochures, posters, newsletters, displays, etc.
    2. Acts as ex-officio at all committee meetings, Friends group and Union Association, Tiverton Library Foundation, etc.
    3. Addresses community groups to inform them of related library resources and services.
  2. Official Municipal Department Head.
    1. Represents the library, either alone or in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, at town meetings, department head meetings and other municipal functions.
    2. Analyzes library operations and summarizes services developments monthly for fiscal accountability.
    3. Coordinates library activities in conjunction with other municipal departments to ensure effective use of local resources.
  3. Acts as an official library representative to regional and state library funding agencies and professional organizations as necessary.
  4. Attends professional meetings: maintains active membership in state library associations; participates in activities of professional library organizations; keeps informed on current trends and developments affecting libraries through professional organizations, workshops and/or literature.

VIII. Other Related Duties 

  1. Performs other related duties of a similar nature and complexity as requested by the Board of Trustees.
    1. Prepares all reports (e.g. Annual Report, Standards, LORI Report, Preservation Report, Disaster Report, Technology Report) required by the State annually.
    2. Cooperates in performing any duty essential for achieving efficient library operations.
    3. Interacts with the public in a courteous and professional manner and attempts to defuse and/or resolve potentially volatile or sensitive situations to ensure quality customer care and effectively deals with all patron complaints and disturbances.

Director, Tiverton Public Library, Tiverton, RI

  • The Tiverton Public Library Board of Trustees seeks a highly professional, visionary leader  who can work as a team player to bring community, staff and board together and bring our new 25,000+ sf library to the next level.
  • The Director oversees daily operations of the library.
  • Supervises of library staff, coordinates schedules and functions.  Administers personnel policies and wage and classification plan
  • Prepares, defends, directs and administers the fiscal budget in conjunction with the Board Budget Committee.  Oversees monthly reports for Board of Trustees.  Seeks and prepares grant proposals.
  • Manages the physical plant to ensure proper maintenance.  Schedules and supervises contract services, analyzes buildings and grounds needs, recommends improvements.  Responds to all building emergencies.
  • Works with the Planning Committee in preparing and carrying out the library planning document.  Recommends improvements according to library mission.  Evaluates program of service and works with the Board of Trustees to make changes as necessary.
  • Establishes and conducts comprehensive public relation programs in conjunction with Communications Committee.
  • Represents the library at town meetings.  Official library representative to regional and state library funding agencies.


  • Master Degree in Library or Information Science from an ALA accredited school.
  • Minimum of 3-5 years progressively responsible experience in professional library work, including library management and direct supervision of others or equivalent experience.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience with researching and pursuing grant proposals to fund new or supplementary programs & services.
  • Considerable ability to interact with the general public, elected and appointed officials, outside organizations and professional associations.
  • Willingness and ability to work as a team with staff and board members.
  • Ability to establish and maintain an effective relationship with employees and the public.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and be able to attend required meetings held throughout the state.

Salary for this position ranges between $67,000 - $72,000 depending on qualifications, education and experience.

Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to kclarendon@icloud.com

The position will remain open until filled.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

The Tiverton Library is looking for an on call Library Associate.

A high school diploma, library experience, and a good customer service attitude are required; familiarity with III Sierra is preferred.

The position pays $12.00 per hour.

Duties include:  perform all circulation functions, assisting customers and other duties as required.

Please send resume, cover letter and three references to Ann Grealish Rust, Library Director arust@tivertonlibrary.org.


Job Description

This is an as needed position to cover when staff is out. Not a scheduled position.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Greet and assist Library customers, using effective customer service skills.
  • Performs all circulation desk functions, including:
  • Checks in, checks out and renewals of Library materials;
  • Informs customers of the status of their Library records
  • Processes applications for and issues new Library cards
  • Assists customers in locating and retrieving Library materials
  • Fields requests for new acquisitions and Interlibrary Loans
  • Assists customers in making copies
  • Answers telephone calls and transfers as necessary
  • Performs other duties as requested by the supervising staff
  • Sorts and shelves all library material in correct order
  • Shelve reading and general pick-up
  • Locates materials on hold lists
  • Assists in the emptying of the book drops
  • Prepares materials for delivery and unpacks delivery
  • Helps with interlibrary loan
  • Maintain orderly and clean shelves
  • Identify books requiring mending, noting the book's particular problem
  • Read spine labels, and re-shelf books that are not in proper order
  • Straightens, shifts, and edges collections as a routine part of shelving
  • Answer basic questions and concerns
  • Direct customers with more specific questions to other staff
  • Give directions around the library
  • Put magazine in order with most current issue in front slot.
  • Check bulletin boards for outdated notices.

Skills/Abilities/Qualifications Required

  • Ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions, policies and procedures
  • Ability to receive instruction from library staff and the cooperation to abide by library policies and regulations
  • Ability to lift and move materials and furniture as necessary
  • Ability to work patiently with customers of all ages
  • Ability to work amicably with staff
  • Ability to read print
  • Ability to place items in alphabetical and numerical order using the Dewey Decimal System
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Ability to shelve or retrieve library materials from all heights of shelves, and from all locations in the library
  • Ability to load and push a book cart to appropriate locations in the library
  • Ability to operate a computer
  • Ability to bend to floor level or reach a height of 66 inches
  • General familiarity with libraries
  • Must maintain privacy of customer records and material selections

Updated 10/2017