How to buy and use ED medicines in Rhode Island

Best Cheap Online Pharmacies in Rhode Island: This category includes online resources with affordable product prices on ED drugs. We considered about 100 options before adding pharmacy to the list, and the choice was made in favor of services with a wide range of medications and a good reputation. We introduce to you 4 best online pharmacies.

Rite Aid Pharmacy (Google Rating: 3.0)

  • 10 Stafford Rd, Fall River, MA 02721, United States
  • (508) 679-9600

As a veteran, most drugs are covered, but some I have to pay out of pocket. Walmart was cheapest until Dr sent me to Rite Aid Pharmacy. I saved an additional $115. Beautiful staff.

Let me tell you how awesome Family Pharmacy is in Newbury my birthday was August 4th on a Sunday, and they were closed. Why did a pharmacy representative call me and wish me a happy birthday? Now, you tell me if they ain’t the best pharmacy in the world, they made me feel good. I appreciate them so much. I love Family Pharmacy.

Walmart Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.0)

  • 638 Quequechan St, Fall River, MA 02721, United States
  • (508) 730-2978

I used to live up here a few years ago, and Westex was my pharmacy. I do miss the service and the comfort of feeling like they knew me. Now when I come up to visit, I still find myself needing them either because of an emergency or because I forgot to pick up something back home before coming. Thank you Walmart Pharmacy, I haven’t found a pharmacy yet to match up to your reputation. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Shame our original pharmacy closed and transferred our prescription to here. It is hit or misses, but don’t be surprised to spend an hour for them to slap a label on a simple pre-packaged/boxed prescription. And if you see more than three cars in the drive-thru, prepare to wait a minimum of 30 minutes.

ED Means (Google Rating: 4.5)

  • 245 William S Canning Blvd, Fall River, MA 02721, United States
  • (508) 678-9031

Very friendly! And took the time to tell me about a discount I could get on my prescription that my doctor did not tell me about. Great selection of medicines and household products. A good place to stop in for an easy in and out shopping experience.

Nice friendly environment. ED Means is as fast as can be, the prices are a bit high. But I find almost everything I need here and the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Walgreens Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.1)

  • 369 Plymouth Ave, Fall River, MA 02721, United States
  • (508) 730-2902

Walgreens Pharmacy is the fastest pharmacy that I have ever been to. Very friendly, with very reasonable prices. After now going here for over a year, my wife and I still feel the same way. We are very thankful for all the effort that they put into their customers.

Ok, pharmacy to go to, but customer service is horrible. Everybody that works there looks like they have a bad day, like every time I come in. Very rude people, in my experience.