Living Literature Performs “A Christmas Story”

Monday, December 4 at 6:30 PM

Living Literature offers Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story for the 2017 holiday season. This two person, 40 minute version of Jean Shepherd’s Duel in the Snow, or Red Rider Nails the Cleveland Street Kid, from which the 1983 class movie, A Christmas Story was taken, relates the comic tale of the Midwestern Depression Era child who yearns for an official Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas. This program will be performed by Kelly Seigh and Dave Rabinow. Free and open to the public library. Registration is recommended at 401-625-6796.

Living Literature is a collective of Rhode Island based artists and educators who use a readers’ theater style presentation to dramatize non-dramatic writing, allowing the audience to experience the events and characters of the story in a unique way. Since its inception in January of 1996, Living Literature has created over 100 presentations based on poems, stories, novels, plays, essays, biographies, articles and oral histories. They have presented the works of more than 100 different authors, and done presentations in over 50 schools, more than 30 libraries, and many other community venues throughout southeastern New England. For the past eight years Living Literature has been creating programs for Reading Across Rhode Island, the signature program of Rhode Island Center for the Book, an affiliate of the National Center for the Book at the Library of Congress. For more information on their programs go to and


Update 12/7/2017

Pictures below are from the live performance.