Summer Reading – Teens 2020

Choose your own adventure for teens

2020 Teen Summer Experience: Choose Your Own Adventure

2020 Teen Summer Experience

About Our Summer Experience

Each summer, the Tiverton Public Library offers a Teen Summer Experience for students who are entering into Grade 6 (or students who are at least 12 years old) through Grade 12. Participation in our program allows for students to explore, participate in shared experiences, and submit their participation for prizes.

Things have to look a little different this year ... 

How to Participate 

This year, instead of tickets, we are offering 4 Choose Your Own Adventure worksheets: 

Reading, Listening, Experiencing, and Digital.

  • Students may complete the challenge worksheet(s) of their choosing. They may complete all, some, or one. Students may submit the same challenge multiple times but may not report the same items on multiple worksheets.
  • Our challenges track the completion of each stage of a challenge, not progress through. For example: Stating that you read The Hunger Games to fulfill part of the reading challenge states that a book has been finished, not progress or time spent towards reading the title.
  • Challenge worksheets can be found here Teen Summer Reading Challenge worksheets. (ended)
  • Challenge worksheets can also be placed with holds when they are picked up. Paper copies will also be made available at the library when patrons can be safely welcomed back inside the building.
  • Worksheets can be submitted for our raffles in the following ways:
    1. Dropped off at the library with returned items.
    2. When the library reopens, students can submit them in the Teen Room.
    3. Students may submit photos of their completed worksheet by emailing them to or DMing a picture of the completed worksheet to @tivertonteenroom on Instagram.
  • Students must complete all three levels of each challenge for the challenge to be complete. Only completed challenges will be considered valid entries when the grand prize raffles are drawn at the end of the Teen Summer Experience Challenge in August. 

Special Events & Programs 

Due to social distancing regulations with the state, all programming will be digital this summer. Rebecca, the Teen Librarian, will be utilizing Instagram and Facebook Live, Google Meetings, Netflix Watch Party, and Discord to hold virtual hang outs and club meetings. Limited supply of craft and activity sets will be available for pick up weekly to be completed at home while supplies last.

Volunteer Hours 

Unfortunately, we can't offer a wide-spanning and comprehensive volunteer program like we have been able to do in years past. This year, the way to earn volunteer hours is to attend our digital programming throughout the summer. - Students will receive 1 volunteer hour for attending a virtual program, hang out, or meet up. - Students will receive 2 volunteer hours for attending a virtual Teen Advisory Board Meeting. - Students will receive volunteer credit for attending events instead of receiving raffle tickets to our Grand Prize Raffles like years past.

Online Registration

2020 Teen SRP Registration Form is closed

2020 SRP Reporting Form is closed

Other Changes

  • The Teen Room will be closed for the entirety of the summer.
  • All our books, audiobooks, video games, and DVDs will be available to be checked out - staff may need to access those items for you.
  • Limited browsing opportunities will be set up outside the Teen Room. Staff will be available to help students access other materials located inside the room.
  • There will be no participation tickets given for library visits this year.
  • There will be no review tickets given out this year.

Rebecca can and will ALWAYS help you.

In-person (when able).

By phone at 401.625.6796

On IG @ tivertonteenroom.


Or by email

Virtual Field Trips

Summer is over but you can take a virtual field trip anytime!

Click here to download a list of virtual field trips organized by topic.

Love YouTube? Head over to the Tiverton Public Library Channel and browse a playlist of virtual field trips available directly on Youtube.

Thanks for a great summer! See you in 2020.